Because if you're being honest, you've probably taken on some responsibilities that aren't YOURS.  You have a lot of aspects that you like about your life, but you don't feel like you get to truly ENJOY them because you're being pulled in so many different directions and it never STOPS.  You want to get off this rollercoaster ride and you know you have the mental fortitude (hello, you're awesome), but you're truly not sure where to even begin.

You're driven. 
You're the person who
gets sh*t DONE. 
But you're also TIRED...

Here's how I can help

As an expert in navigating the messy in-between's of life, I can help you figure out what you want, get rid of all the mental and emotional clutter that's keeping you 'stuck', and build a plan for creating a life or business that rocks your socks off.

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I'm here to help you feel aligned, grounded and inspired so you can create what you want.



hey, I'm Steph!

what people are saying


I'm learning to trust myself"

Stephanie has changed my life. I have learned boundaries, how to balance my helper personality and still make decisions based on my own needs and wants. I learned to love me and am learning to trust myself.


"Look no further, I'd give 10 stars if I could!"

I have increased my business so much over the last 6 months working with her - She takes the ambition that I already have and helps me focus it in a way that is not only positive for the growth of my company but also in a way that is positive for my own self care and growth.


"Becoming the woman I'm truly meant to be"

Steph’s constant encouragement and kind reassurance as a coach helps me to see the beauty in who I am today and love that person, while allowing myself room to grow and become the woman I’m truly meant to be.


"Confident, empowered and strong"

Working with Stephanie has helped me feel more confident, empowered, and strong in who I am- in my identity. I’ve let go of my fears, and the experience has been nothing but positive!


"I'm creating a business that's authentic to me"

I highly recommend her if you are seeking personal and professional coaching. She’s helped me feel confident in creating my business in a way that is authentic to me, she’s coached me to know that who I am and what I am working on – is indeed enough.