Former change-resister turned change expert, here to help you do the same (with intention).  I started my adult life with a lot of ideas about how it would go, then woke up about 11 years later, wondering what in seven hells I'd been doing.  Waking up to the life I'd chosen helped me change EVERYTHING.  Now I help other driven go-getters grow and achieve on their own terms.

I wear a lot of hats... ↓

I'm Steph: Type A, Enneagram 4, INFJ, loud belly-laugher.

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My work-life

I'm a certified Cognitive Behavioral Coach and love my personal and corporate clients.


Learn With Cadre provides continuing education for licensed cosmetologists in the state of MN.

Nonprofit Founder 

We're a local women's organization for connection and collaboration.

COO of GirlCreative

Part of a 3-woman team providing corporate training and education around DEI, Allyship and Self-Care/Culture of Care.

The Real Group

Lover of education and serial course-creator.  (I help others create them, too!) 

Course Creator

Rest is a MUST for consistently good work.  #gotakeanap

The experiences that brought you here are important.  Let's work WITH them.

You CAN do it all - but who really wants to?  Really.

Dark chocolate is the only way to end a meal.

I believe:

Courses created

Several professional courses, certifications and one pandemic later, I sold my wedding contracts to pursue coaching and consulting full-time.  Since then I've built countless websites, launched products, assisted small businesses in revamping and perfecting their systems, spoken to large audiences and created programming for professionals and nonprofits.  In my free time, I'm learning about social transformation while pursuing my Masters in Arts & Leadership at United Theological Seminary.

I started my career as a cosmetologist with big dreams.  I wanted to go to fashion week, become a master stylist, and teach in my field (I did all three in the first 5 years).  Since then, I launched and grew an award-winning wedding hair and makeup business which supported me as I learned to build a business on the internet.


Clients served


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More about me...

what people are saying


I'm learning to trust myself"

Stephanie has changed my life. I have learned boundaries, how to balance my helper personality and still make decisions based on my own needs and wants. I learned to love me and am learning to trust myself.


"Look no further, I'd give 10 stars if I could!"

I have increased my business so much over the last 6 months working with her - She takes the ambition that I already have and helps me focus it in a way that is not only positive for the growth of my company but also in a way that is positive for my own self care and growth.


"Becoming the woman I'm truly meant to be"

Steph’s constant encouragement and kind reassurance as a coach helps me to see the beauty in who I am today and love that person, while allowing myself room to grow and become the woman I’m truly meant to be.


"Confident, empowered and strong"

Working with Stephanie has helped me feel more confident, empowered, and strong in who I am- in my identity. I’ve let go of my fears, and the experience has been nothing but positive!


"I'm creating a business that's authentic to me"

I highly recommend her if you are seeking personal and professional coaching. She’s helped me feel confident in creating my business in a way that is authentic to me, she’s coached me to know that who I am and what I am working on – is indeed enough.


10-Minute motivation

visualization for connection and clarity

How to change anything

Have better conversations with your partner

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10-minute motivation is just that - daily motivational lessons delivered over a ten-day period to help you get your butt moving.  All you need is an email address and one minute per day for 10 days to listen to each lesson.  (Bonus points if you journal about it, too)
The results?  Feel more connected and committed to what actually matters to you.

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