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The Real Group is a three-woman team who brings high-impact trainings to leaders and change-makers in corporations and nonprofits.

✔   Renew your sense of agency and leadership
✔   Empower yourself and your employees to make lasting change
✔  Activate talent within your teams and bring inclusivity into your leadership
✔   Lead with diversity, equity, inclusion, culture of care and allyship in mind

Let's get REAL.

Lasting change doesn't happen after a few classes - we'll help you set up a plan and systems to assess your progress for REAL, lasting change.

Step Four: Analyze your results for lasting success

We deliver high-impact virtual and in-person training with our dynamic team and over 45 years of combined experience.

Step Three: Deliver impactful training

Our programs are not cookie-cutter classes.  Based on your needs assessment, we'll create planning and programming that meets your organization right where it's at.

Step Two: Meet you where you're at

No organization is exactly the same.  We'll start with a comprehensive assessment so we can better understand your goals and needs.

Step One: Assess your needs

Want more details?  Here's what to expect:

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A little about

Lisa Dejoras

Lisa has extensive experience in teaching, training, course design and delivery. She teaches ethics, law, and leadership for arts and cultural leaders at the University of MN, in the College of Continuing and Professional Studies, Master of Professional Studies in Arts and Cultural Leadership Program. She is also an adjunct professor at Mitchell Hamline School of Law, teaching advocacy trial skills. Lisa began her career practicing law for over a decade as a criminal defense trial lawyer. She has also served the State of MN at three state agencies, worked for the Journal of Public Affairs Education, and served on the Women in Public Service conference planning committee. She holds a B.S. in Psychology, Master’s degrees in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management, and a J.D.

Verona Mitchell

Verona is a certified intercultural development & diversity executive and a global leadership professional who has dedicated her career to aligning Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) performance with personal as well as business goals and strategy. Verona’s expertise is in the areas of Diversity & Inclusive Leadership, Cultural Competence Development, and Organizational Leadership & Development. Verona is the founder of Cultives & Associates, LLC. Her work with Cultives focuses on bringing together consultants in building cultural competency and intercultural strategies for business entities, teams, and individuals; both nationally and internationally. She holds both a B.A. and Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership.


Stephanie Domrose

Stephanie has a background in program development and coaching that focuses on empowering women to define their roles, reach for success on their own terms, and lead uniquely beautiful lives. Stephanie is a certified Cognitive Behavioral Technique (CBT) coach, nonprofit founder, COO of women's organization GirlCreative, Reiki energy healer, writer, and speaker.  Stephanie brings focus to the inner / outer connection, the importance of self-care, and promotes strategies in personal development that drive intentional change through cultivating self-awareness, empathy, compassion, and personal empowerment.  She is pursuing her Master's in Arts and Leadership with a focus on Social Transformation.