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Empower your life by choosing it.  In this course you'll:

✔   Get clear about what you want
✔   Ditch your insecurities and fears
✔   Clear mental and emotional clutter
✔   Move forward with purpose & intention
✔   Create your life instead of reacting to your circumstances

Choose Your Story Course

"If you're on a mission to rediscover who you are and what you want, this is the course for you."

- Brit Vechell

"This course was a really safe space for exploring what I want to bring into my life next.  It helped me highlight what I wanted to accomplish and establish actionable next steps."

- Marlena Yang

"The skills I learned in this course allowed me to stay grounded and present and reminded me that I can take ownership of my life"

- Laura Heilman

"If I were to describe the Choose Your Story Course in one word, it would be empowering."


What They're Saying: